Thursday, April 25, 2013

Behind the Wheels Again

A month post delivery I am driving again after getting the green light from my gynae. On the first day I just drove around Seri Putra, but the next day I ventured out to Kajang to pick up Zade from kindergarten. Although I'm still in pain at times, and I need to walk at a slower pace than I'm used too, I'm so happy that I could drive again. It was so frustating not being able to do anything or go anywhere on my own. I'm so used to being independent that I couldn't bear for anyone else to go out of their way for me. Now I'm slowly feeling like my old self again. The only thing that worries me is that I am still having pain from the operation. I don't remember that it took so long to recover after delivering Zade via c-section more than 5 years ago. Maybe it's old age catching up with me.

I have less than 3 months left to enjoy my time with my family. My routine now is picking up Zade after school. Sometimes I leave home early and drop by the lab to check on my student's experimental work. Since the end of semester is less than 6 weeks, I need to ensure that they get all their results before submitting the thesis. I don't mind going to the lab and observe them doing the experiments. It keeps my mind from getting rusty.  Other than that, I'm just letting life goes by slowly while I watch my little darlings grow.

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